The Top 50 P&C Insurance Keywords in Canada

Understanding which keywords hold the most value can significantly enhance your SEO strategy. Here are the top 50 P&C keywords in Canada:

No. Keyword CPC Search Volume
1 car insurance $9.87 40500
2 car insurance quote $13.36 22200
3 insurance for tenants $11.40 22200
4 tenant insurance $11.40 22200
5 professional liability insurance $10.21 1900
6 commercial vehicle insurance $19.00 1000
7 auto insurance $10.73 18100
8 home insurance $14.52 12100
9 insurance on home $14.52 12100
10 landlord insurance $12.40 1000
11 commercial general liability insurance $8.71 1300
12 errors and omissions insurance $8.43 1300
13 general liability insurance small business $17.89 590
14 auto insurance ontario $13.38 12100
15 car insurance ontario $13.38 12100
16 commercial insurance broker $11.04 880
17 general liability insurance $10.88 880
18 business insurance canada $11.98 720
19 travel insurance $3.33 33100
20 insurance near me $3.76 27100
21 home insurance quote $15.04 5400
22 house insurance quote $15.04 5400
23 auto insurance quote ontario $14.84 5400
24 car insurance quote ontario $14.84 5400
25 business insurance $17.95 4400
26 auto insurance quote $14.44 5400
27 liability insurance for contractors $16.20 390
28 commercial truck insurance $11.84 480
29 liability insurance coverage $6.29 880
30 travel insurance canada $3.12 22200
31 renters insurance toronto $17.64 2900
32 tenant insurance toronto $17.64 2900
33 renters insurance ontario $14.18 3600
34 bc home insurance $13.42 3600
35 bc house insurance $13.42 3600
36 home insurance bc $13.42 3600
37 house insurance bc $13.42 3600
38 car insurance toronto $11.93 3600
39 house insurance $11.86 3600
40 car insurance near me $3.65 9900
41 commercial insurance $14.27 2400
42 business insurance ontario $21.35 1600
43 ontario business insurance $21.35 1600
44 home insurance ontario $13.58 2400
45 house insurance ontario $13.58 2400
46 auto insurance quote online $11.16 2900
47 alberta auto insurance $3.86 8100
48 alberta car insurance $3.86 8100
49 auto insurance alberta $3.86 8100
50 car insurance alberta $3.86 8100


Out of the top 50 keywords, 16 were commercial insurance keywords, 15 were auto insurance and 16 were home insurance keywords, with 2 travel and one ‘near me’ keyword. 

The most expensive keyword in the top 50 is “business insurance ontario” at $21.35 per click and the cheapest keyword in the top 50 is ”travel insurance canada”, costing $3.12. 


Why this matters

As marketers, it’s challenging to know when someone is in the market for home, auto, or commercial insurance. When someone searches for these keywords in search engines, it’s safe to assume that a majority are actively looking for insurance. This makes SEO critical for insurance brokers and companies aiming to sell insurance products. By appearing in front of consumers when they are searching for auto, home or commercial insurance, you’re able to reach consumers when they are in the market for insurance, not to mention the value to your brand when you’re on the first page of Google.


To compile this list, we used data from SEMrush, a leading SEO tool. We analyzed search volume and cost per click (CPC) data to determine each keyword’s value. The keyword value is calculated by multiplying the monthly search volume by the expected CPC. It’s important to note that we excluded keywords related to public auto. This approach helps identify the most commercially valuable keywords that can drive targeted traffic and improve your online visibility.





From the list, we can see that keywords related to car insurance dominate the top spots, reflecting the high demand and competition in this sector. Other notable high-value keywords include tenant insurance, home insurance, and business insurance, which also play crucial roles in the P&C insurance market.

How to use this information

Understanding which P&C insurance keywords are the most valuable can help you:

  • Optimize Your Content: Focus on creating high-quality content that targets these high-value keywords to improve your search engine rankings. Ensure that your content is informative, engaging, and relevant to what users are searching for.
  • Allocate Advertising Budget: Prioritize your ad spend on these keywords to attract more qualified leads and maximize your return on investment. This ensures that your advertising efforts are directed towards terms with clear intent and high value.
  • Competitive Analysis: Benchmark your performance against competitors targeting the same keywords and adjust your strategy accordingly. This can help you identify gaps and opportunities in your SEO and marketing efforts.
  • Enhance User Experience: Make sure your website is user-friendly and provides a seamless experience. Fast loading times, easy navigation, and mobile optimization are crucial factors that can influence user engagement and conversion rates.

Targeting high-value P&C insurance keywords can significantly enhance your SEO and PPC strategies, driving more relevant traffic and potential clients to your website. By focusing on these top 50 keywords, you can improve your online visibility and stay ahead in the competitive insurance market. Remember, being on the first page of search results is critical for capturing the majority of clicks and converting potential clients. You can track your rankings for these keywords in your own city or province by using tools like SEMrush. 

Who ranks for the top 50 P&C insurance keywords in Canada? 

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