Insurance Brokers and Companies with the Most Brand Searches in Canada

What are brand searches?

Brand searches refer to the number of times a brand is searched for in Google. In today’s competitive insurance market, brand recognition plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. One way to measure brand recognition is by examining the number of brand-related searches. This post highlights the top 20 insurance brokers and companies in Canada based on their brand search volumes, providing insights into which insurance brands Canadians are most interested in.


To compile this list, we used data from SEMrush, a leading SEO tool. We analyzed the search volumes for various insurance brands to identify the most searched brands in Canada. This list focuses on navigational and informational searches, reflecting both brand awareness and consumer interest. We excluded results that had a product in it, like employment, travel or life insurance.

Top 25 Insurance brokers and companies by monthly brand searches

RankKeywordMonthly Search Volume
2td insurance165,000
4desjardins insurance49,500
5intact insurance49,500
8rbc insurance40,500
9sonnet insurance40,500
11caa insurance27,100
12johnson insurance27,100
13westland insurance27,100
14aviva insurance22,200
15economical insurance22,200
16the personal insurance22,200
17allstate insurance18,100
18canada life insurance18,100
19cooperators insurance18,100
20sunlife insurance18,100
21wawanesa insurance18,100
22manitoba public insurance14,800
23square one insurance14,800
25desjardins group insurance12,100


From the list, we can see that Manulife leads the market in terms of brand search volume, followed by other major players like TD Insurance and BCAA. These companies have successfully built strong brand recognition and trust among consumers.

It’s no coincidence that these companies also have good SEO and rank for some of the biggest insurance keywords in Canada. Having strong brand search volume essentially tells Google that customers are actively looking for you and that you’re a real brand.

How to Use This Information

Understanding which insurance brokers and companies have the most brand searches can help you:

  • Benchmark Your Performance: Compare your brand’s search volume with industry leaders to gauge your brand’s visibility.
  • Identify Best Practices: Learn from the top-performing brands to improve your own marketing strategies.
  • Targeted Marketing: Focus your marketing efforts on differentiating your brand from the top competitors.


You can get the results for your brand using a tool like Keyword planner or SEMrush, among others. Alternatively, reach out to us and we’d be happy to assist.